Announcing the New Kimbo Group Page on Acalytica!

Created on 3 July, 2024Directory • 298 views • 1 minutes read

We are excited to announce that Kimbo Group, a leading South African construction company, is now listed on Solarfundis by Acalytica! This strategic move will enhance Kimbo Group’s visibility and reach within the solar and construction industries.

Benefits of Adding a Solarfundis Page

Solarfundis offers a comprehensive platform designed to empower solar practitioners. By listing on Solarfundis, Kimbo Group will benefit from increased brand awareness, access to a targeted audience, and enhanced credibility. Solarfundis provides tools for lead generation, customer engagement, and detailed analytics to track performance and optimize marketing strategies.

The Power of Solarfundis

Solarfundis is more than just a directory; it's a powerful platform for professionals in the solar industry. It offers extensive resources, networking opportunities, and marketing tools that help businesses stand out. With features like project showcases, customer reviews, and industry news, Solarfundis ensures that solar practitioners and construction companies like Kimbo Group can effectively reach and engage with their audience.

Kimbo Group’s new page on Solarfundis will provide detailed information about their services, showcase their projects, and offer an easy way for potential clients to get in touch. Visit their page at to learn more.

Join us in celebrating this milestone and explore the benefits of Solarfundis for your own business. For more information about Solarfundis and how it can help your company grow, visit Solarfundis.