Human Behaviour-Based Impact

Helping you understand how your customers REALLY behave.

What can you get?

Supplement your traditional customer research methods with the latest technology and techniques such as emotional insights through eye tracking, facial expression analysis, galvanic skin response and EEG. 

We exist to help you lead the race in optimising value for your customer.

We help organisations in many industry verticals

At Acalytica Labs we use the latest AI-enabled technology and research to ensure that we help you better engage your customers. 

Our expertise is across industries, where we have achieved remarkable results in introducing multi-modal data-driven strategies, implementation and evaluation. 

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Customer Research

Using the latest biosensor technologies like eye tracking glasses, EEGs, webcams and other AI-enabled we help you go beyond traditional customer behaviour research.

Analytics & Insights

Our team of data scientists, developers, neuroscientists and psychologists help you gain customer insights from problem definition to report writing.


Our experienced professionals share their experience and help you use the latest tools and techniques to better understand your customers better.

Lab Rentals

Our labs have the latest tools and experienced expertise for human behaviour research to allow you to experiment and understand your customers better.

Lab Installations

Our engineers can help you bring human behaviour research in-house through end-to-end lab installation in your own premises.

Community Building

Our labs serve as platform for you to meet and exchange insights with various human behavior research stakeholders.

Acalytica Insight Journey

We exist ...

 ... to help you understand your customer better.We use our knowledge, experience and the latest tools to unlock human behaviour secrets so as to give you a holistic view of your customer based on empirical evidence and sound scientific methodologies.

We begin ...

... by working closely with you to explore how we can help you answer your business questions. Together, we decide on the objective, the scope of the study, and develop a plan that will result in data that provides the insights you need to be successful. We help you determine the most appropriate experimental design and tools to be used to execute the project. 

We produce ...

... an expert analysis of the behavioral data collected in the study and deliver it in a report that includes visualizations and videos, all in a format you can easily share with stakeholders. You will also receive a list of action points and recommendations on how you can apply the findings in your business and for future areas of investigation. 

How does it work?

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