DJ Sbu: A Multifaceted Entrepreneur in the Digital Age

Created on 4 June, 2023Directory • 196 views • 1 minutes read

DJ Sbu, as featured on Acalytica, is not your ordinary entrepreneur. He is a man of many talents and interests, ranging from music and DJing to cryptocurrency, NFTs, business, books, podcasts, art, and travel. His passion for these diverse fields is evident in his work and his lifestyle, making him a true embodiment of a modern-day entrepreneur.

The Hustlers Corner SA Podcast

DJ Sbu hosts a podcast called "The Hustlers Corner SA," where he shares insightful conversations with various personalities. Some of the latest episodes include interviews with multi-award-winning Betusile Mcinga, Nathi Mankayi, DJ Big Sky, Mpho Wabadimo, and Deep London. These episodes delve into the guests' unique journeys, discussing topics such as life in prison, the impact of music, fatherhood, spiritual growth, and the evolution of different music genres.

DJ Sbu's Foray into the Metaverse

In the realm of digital assets, DJ Sbu has made his mark by launching his own NFT, the DJ Sbu MOTO NFT, in collaboration with KING DEBS. This move signifies his entry into the metaverse, demonstrating his adaptability and willingness to embrace new technologies.

Books by DJ Sbu

DJ Sbu is also a published author, with titles such as "The Art of Hustling" and "Billionaires Under Construction." These books offer a glimpse into his entrepreneurial mindset and provide valuable insights for aspiring entrepreneurs.


DJ Sbu's diverse interests and achievements are a testament to his relentless pursuit of greatness. He refuses to settle for less and continues to inspire others with his work. Whether it's through his music, his podcast, his books, or his ventures into the digital world, DJ Sbu is truly making a difference.

To learn more about DJ Sbu and his various endeavors, visit his page on Acalytica.