What Tools Does Acalytica offer?

Created on 15 May, 2023MyTools • 233 views • 1 minutes read

The website Acalytica provides a wide range of online tools for various purposes. Here are some categories and examples of the tools they offer:

  1. Lookup Tools: DNS Lookup, IP Lookup, Reverse IP Lookup, SSL Lookup, Whois Lookup, Ping.
  2. Generator Tools: MD2 generator, MD4 generator, MD5 generator, SHA-1 generator, SHA-224 generator, SHA-256 generator, SHA-384 generator, SHA-512 generator, Base64 encoder, Base64 decoder, URL encoder, URL decoder, Lorem Ipsum generator, UUID v4 generator, Bcrypt generator, Password generator.
  3. Converter Tools: Case converter, URL parser, Color converter, Binary converter, Hex converter, Ascii converter, Decimal converter, Octal converter, Morse converter, Number to words converter.
  4. Checker Tools: Password strength checker, Website hosting checker, File mime type checker, Gravatar checker, Safe URL checker, URL redirect checker, Meta tags checker, Exif reader.
  5. Formatter/Beautifier Tools: Markdown to HTML, SQL formatter/beautifier, JSON validator & beautifier.
  6. Downloader Tools: YouTube thumbnail downloader.
  7. Image Tools: Image optimizer, PNG to JPG, JPG to PNG, GIF to JPG, BMP to JPG, ICO to JPG.
  8. Calculator Tools: Text size calculator.
  9. Unit Conversion Tools: Celsius to Fahrenheit, Fahrenheit to Celsius, Miles to Kilometers, Kilometers to Miles, Mph to Kph, Kph to Mph, Kilograms to Pounds, Pounds to Kilograms.
  10. Extractor Tools: Email extractor, URL extractor.

And many more. This website can be a handy resource for various tasks.