What are the benefits of Shortened URLs?

Created on 11 November, 2022 | Shortened Urls | 299 views

MyLinks On Acalytica provides a platform for you to create shortened urls. The natural question to ask is, "What are the benefits of shortening urls?"

To answer this, let us first agree that people are sharing a lot of links and some social media platforms like Twitter limit the word-count so it is more efficient to shorten urls especially those that have UTM parameters appended to them.

The other benefits of shortened urls are as follows:

  1. Ability to track performance
  2. Fewer characters
  3. Promote sharing
  4. People have been socialised to them
  5. Lead to higher click-through rate

The Shortened urls offering on MyLinks on Acalytica has the following features:

  • Scheduling and expiration limits
  • Country, device, OS and language targeting
  • A/B rotation and testing
  • Password protection, sensitive content warning
  • Temporary urls
  • Projects
Updated on 28 April, 2023