What is MyLinks On Acalytica and how does it work?

Created on 11 December, 2022Bio Links • 236 views

MyLinks On Acalytica is a platform that allows users to create a simple, customizable landing page containing links to their other online profiles and content. This can be used as a bio on social media platforms or on a website, allowing users to share multiple links in a single location.

To use MyLinks On Acalytica, users must first create an account on the MyLinks On Acalytica website. Once they have an account, they can create a new biolink and add links to it by clicking on the "+" button in the MyLinks On Acalytica editor. Users can then customize the appearance of their biolink by changing the background color, font, and other design elements.

Once the biolink is complete, users can share the URL with others, allowing them to access all the links in one place. MyLinks On Acalytica is a convenient way to share multiple links without cluttering up a bio or website with too many individual links.