Announcing the Launch of The Founders Cartel Page on Acalytica

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In a world where innovation and technology drive economic growth, the role of entrepreneurs in shaping the future cannot be overstated. At Acalytica, we are dedicated to empowering visionaries who strive to transform industries and challenge the status quo. Today, we are thrilled to announce the launch of The Founders Cartel Page on Acalytica—a platform that unifies a dynamic group of Black South African founders making significant strides in the technology sector.

A Collective Vision for Change

The Founders Cartel represents a collective of pioneering Black South African entrepreneurs who are building global startups with the goal of creating impactful change. These founders are not just participants in the technology space; they are leaders who are redefining the landscape through innovative solutions and bold initiatives. By joining forces, they exemplify the power of collaboration in achieving shared goals and driving systemic change.

Highlighting Our Cartel Members

The Founders Cartel comprises an impressive array of companies, each contributing unique value propositions to various industries. Here are some of the standout members:

Acalytica - Our AI-driven platform enables users to unify their online presence, monitor their audience, and leverage analytics for growth. Creating a stunning link-in-bio landing page on Acalytica is lightning-fast and requires no technical skills.

Amari Health - Formerly known as The Pocket Couch, Amari Health focuses on improving mental wellbeing through access to culturally competent mental health experts, self-screening tools, and curated content.

FinanceGPT Labs - Specializing in generative AI, FinanceGPT Labs assists financial institutions in harnessing AI's potential while ensuring data privacy, security, and bias mitigation.

Fixxr - A mobile mechanic service that brings certified car repair and maintenance directly to homes or offices, eliminating the need for physical shops and providing transparent pricing and comprehensive vehicle management.

Jozi Cloud Kitchens - Revolutionizing the food industry in Johannesburg, Jozi Cloud Kitchens offers a platform for culinary innovation and expansion with state-of-the-art facilities and comprehensive support services.

Level Finance - An employee benefits platform connecting employees to valuable benefits and helping employers see the ROI of their investments in employee well-being.

MLX Ventures - A venture studio that builds generative AI and blockchain-powered applications for enterprises and the public sector, deployed through a SAAS model.

RealPPE Marketplace - The leading PPE marketplace in South Africa, providing affordable, high-quality PPE, workwear, and medical devices from reputable sellers.

Rizepreneur - Dedicated to empowering small businesses with a suite of digital platforms and services, including a multivendor marketplace, freelance marketplace, press distribution platform, and business directory.

Welo Health - Founded by Zanele, Welo Health merges technology and human touch to provide access to health services nationwide, addressing the $37 billion problem of access to health.

A Platform for Growth and Innovation

By launching The Founders Cartel Page on Acalytica, we aim to provide these groundbreaking startups with the visibility and tools they need to thrive in a competitive global market. Our platform offers comprehensive analytics, customizable landing pages, and a user-friendly interface that empowers founders to effectively communicate their value propositions and engage with their audiences.

Join Us on This Journey

We invite you to explore The Founders Cartel Page on Acalytica and discover the remarkable innovations these founders are bringing to the world. By supporting these entrepreneurs, you are contributing to a future where technology and collaboration drive inclusive growth and sustainable development.

About Acalytica

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