Black Women’s Non-Fiction Manuscript Prize Launched

Created on 9 February, 2024Directory • 665 views • 1 minutes read

Cassava Republic Press launched the groundbreaking Black Women’s Non-Fiction Manuscript Prize on October 26, 2023, offering an impressive $30,000 (£24,374) award. This prestigious accolade is open to both emerging and established black women writers on a global scale, with a keen interest in uncovering the best unpublished non-fiction manuscripts.

The primary objective of this prize is to recognise and publish the works of black women from Africa and the Afro-diaspora, emphasising "critical ideas across time and space."

The panel of judges, consists of black women writers and scholars hailing from various parts of Africa and its diasporas.

Generously funded by private equity fund manager Alitheia Capital and the Open Society Foundation Africa, the winner of the prize will not only secure a publishing contract with Cassava Republic Press but will also be awarded a substantial $20,000 (£16,246) advance. Acknowledging the exceptional talents of the shortlisted writers, two runners-up will each be granted a $5,000 (£4,061) advance along with a publishing deal.

Bibi Bakare-Yusuf, the Publishing Director, expressed immense pride in the launch of the Black Women’s Non-Fiction Manuscript Prize, describing it as a crucial step towards addressing a longstanding gap in the literary world. The prize is positioned to build upon the rich tradition of black women writers as theorists and intellectuals, providing a platform for a diverse array of writers from Africa and the Afro-diaspora to follow in the footsteps of luminaries such as Anna Julia Cooper, Amy Jacques Garvey, Claudia Jones, Noni Jabavu, Audre Lorde, May Ayim, Ellen Khuzwayo and Toni Morrison.

Bakare-Yusuf highlighted the significance of this prize in realising Cassava Republic's vision of becoming a global black publishing house, dedicated to showcasing books by Afro-descendant writers from around the world.

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