What are the benefits of BioLink Pages?

Created on 11 November, 2022Bio Links • 508 views

There are many benefits to creating a biolinks pages. As you may know, social media platforms like Instagram only allow one link in the bio. This is restrictive because businesses and individuals have a presence on many platforms thus have more than one link to share.

To solve this problem, MyLinks On Acalytica offers you the opportunity to consolidate all your links and have a "One Stop Shop" platform. To add value and enhance your biolink experience, we added the following features:

  1. Custom colors and branding
  2. Verified pages
  3. Custom fonts
  4. Custom favicon
  5. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  6. UTM Parameters
  7. Protection (Password; sensitive content warning)
  8. Custom CSS and JS
  9. Custom url
  10. Link block
  11. Heading block
  12. Paragraph block
  13. Avatar block
  14. Image block
  15. Socials block
  16. Email collector block
  17. SoundCloud block
  18. Spotify block
  19. YouTube block
  20. Twitch block
  21. Vimeo block
  22. TikTok block
  23. PayPal block
  24. Phone Collector block
  25. OpenSea NFT block
  26. Map block
  27. FAQ block
  28. Discord Server block
  29. Facebook post block
  30. Reddit Post block
  31. Audio block
  32. Video block
  33. File block
  34. Countdown block
  35. Call to Action block
  36. External Item block
  37. Share block
  38. YouTube Feed block
  39. Timeline block
  40. Review Block
  41. Donation block
  42. Product block
  43. Service block