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The Acalytica Behavioral Research Lab – Join Today

The Acalytica Behavioral Research Lab is an interdisciplinary laboratory designed for the study of human subjects.

Lab resources are available to all partner organisations and individuals who would like to pursue human behaviour research. The lab can be used by researchers from any industry vertical in their quest to understand their customers better.

Generally, topics of research conducted in the lab range from organizational behavior or behavioral marketing to multi-modal biosensor analytics. Contact Us and we can co-create value together for seamless experiences on your digital platforms, physical spaces and media offerings.

Lab staff can assist you with your research by:

  • Programming a study.
  • Posting a study to one or more of the available subject pools.
  • Paying participants.
  • Running participants through experiments in the lab.
  • Creating reports and any other documentation.

Acalytica partner organisations and individuals can leverage the lab in one of two ways: conducting research independently or with the assistance of lab personnel.

If you are affiliated with Acalytica, our trained lab staff can assist you with your study. Simply fill out a help request form, and we will be in touch within 24 to 48 hours.

The lab has many resources to support and conduct your research, including lab spaces and online tools. You must contact the lab manager to receive training before you can access to these materials.

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