Small Temporary Lab

The Small Temporary Lab is the simplest lab for one project. The setup is temporary and very easy to set up and run a study. Whenever the project is finalized, the space can be reused for another project with a similar setup.

The funding for this kind of lab is often on a per project basis and generally is one of the most cost-effective ways to conduct research on a limited budget.

How we help you

Acalytica and its partners have helped several academic and commercial organisations open new labs by providing guidance, assistance, and technical know-how every step of the way.

Having the exact information and knowledge to guide the setup of these labs has resulted in several organisations becoming key players in the human behaviour research discipline.

Acalytica makes it possible to get over the complex requirements of setting up a human behaviour research lab whether it is a small temporary lab or a multi-use and cross-disciplinary lab.