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Why do you think user engagement is a more significant indicator of success than mere traffic numbers?

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User engagement is more significant than mere traffic numbers because it indicates that users are not only visiting a website or app but also interacting with it.

This interaction can take many forms, such as making a purchase, leaving a comment, sharing content, or even just spending a significant amount of time on a page. High traffic numbers simply mean a lot of people are visiting, but they do not necessarily indicate that those visitors are finding value in the content or services provided.

They could be leaving the site immediately, or "bouncing," which is not a positive indicator. Engaged users are more likely to become repeat visitors, customers, or subscribers. They are more likely to share the content or recommend the service to others, thereby increasing the value and reach of the website or app.

Therefore, while traffic numbers provide a measure of popularity, user engagement provides a measure of value and potential for growth.

User engagement data can also provide valuable insights into what users like or dislike about a website or app, which can inform improvements and enhancements. This can lead to a better user experience, increased satisfaction, and ultimately, greater success.

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