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What conversion goals do you think Tik Tok is tracking?
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1. New User Sign Ups: TikTok likely tracks the number of new users who download and sign up for the app.

2. User Engagement: This includes metrics like time spent on the app, number of videos viewed, likes, shares, comments, and followers.

3. Content Creation: TikTok probably tracks the number of users who create and post their own videos, as this is a key aspect of the platform.

4. In-App Purchases: TikTok offers in-app purchases, such as coins to give as gifts during live streams. The number of users who make these purchases would be a key conversion goal.

5. Ad Clicks and Conversions: For the ads that TikTok shows to its users, it would track metrics like click-through rate and conversions (like app downloads, purchases, or form completions) that occur as a result of those ads.

6. Participation in Challenges or Events: TikTok often hosts challenges or events (like branded hashtag challenges) to engage its users. Participation in these would likely be another conversion goal.

7. Video Shares: TikTok would likely track the number of videos that are shared externally, such as on other social media platforms. 

8. Use of Branded Filters and Effects: If a brand creates a filter or effect for TikTok, the app would likely track how many users use that filter/effect in their own videos.

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