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Create a conversion funnel for a hypothetical business and identify potential drop-off points.

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Hypothetical Online Clothing Store

Conversion Funnel:

1. Awareness: Potential customers become aware of the store through social media ads, Google search, word of mouth, or other marketing efforts.    

Potential Drop-off Point: If the marketing message isn't compelling or clear, potential customers might ignore the ads or not click through to the website.

2. Interest: The potential customer visits the website and browses the product catalog.   

Potential Drop-off Point: If the website is difficult to navigate, slow to load, or the product images or descriptions are not appealing or clear, the potential customer might leave the website without making a purchase.

3. Consideration: The potential customer selects a few items they like and adds them to their shopping cart.

Potential Drop-off Point: If the customer encounters issues with the website's shopping cart functionality, finds the shipping costs too high, or sees that their preferred sizes or colors are out of stock, they might abandon their cart.

4. Intent: The potential customer decides to make a purchase and proceeds to the checkout page. 

Potential Drop-off Point: If the checkout process is too complex or time-consuming, requires too much information, or doesn't offer preferred payment methods, the potential customer might abandon the purchase.

5. Purchase: The customer completes the purchase.   

Potential Drop-off Point: If the customer encounters any technical issues during the payment process, or if they have last-minute doubts about the product quality or the security of their payment information, they might abandon the purchase.

6. Retention: The customer receives their order and is satisfied with the product and service. They return to the store in the future for more purchases.   

Potential Drop-off Point: If the customer is not satisfied with the product quality, the delivery time, or the customer service, they might not return to the store for future purchases.

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