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As a South African based entrepreneur, can I apply for funding through Acalytica?


For more information about LulaLend go to Lulalend
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Yes. Acalytica has partnered with Lulalend to offer funding for entrepreneurs. This is our contribution to the growth of South African businesses.

You can apply online for free. Lulalend just needs some basic details about you and your business and you will be provided a decision in minutes – no paperwork, no waiting, no commitment.

Their fees are transparent and easy to understand so that you know exactly how much needs to be repaid.

Lulalend aims to have the funds in your bank account within 3 business days. Repay in standard installments over 6 months, or choose to pay early with no penalty fee!

Fast & Simple Application

Apply in minutes and receive funding in hours. No paperwork, no hidden fees and no branch visits.

They Say ‘Yes’ More

Using the latest technology, Lulalend makes decisions based on your real business performance.

Completely Flexible

Repay as soon as you like and save. No early repayment fees, ever!

South Africa’s Only Online Provider of Business Funding

LulaLend are experts in what they do and provide the highest level of security.


For more information about LulaLend go to Lulalend


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