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Gain specialized knowledge at an accelerated pace. Advance your organization’s Data Science capabilities with, “How to Become a Data Science Mature Organization”, certificate at the time and place that fits your needs.

Transcend the Data Science hype-cycle and drive your organization’s Data Science maturity to a level that optimizes business outcomes.

Gain a complete view of how Data Science mature your organization is and how you can improve on it. Build and support a data-driven culture in your organization for maximum ROI in the information age.

In this course, you will learn how to determine your organization’s current data science maturity level, ways for overcoming common hurdles, and elements used in successful data science adoption strategies.

Transform your organization from simple reporting to data optimization. Using this information, you can lead your organization in creating a successful roadmap.


Course How to Become a Data Science Mature Organization
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Award Type Acalytica Certificate
Program Fees US$99.99
Course Duration 3 months, Online, 6 – 8 hours per week
Entrance Criteria
  • A basic business acumen.
  • A desire to learn about data science strategy.
  • A desire to develop and improve data science team performance.
  • A desire to improve business communication between data teams and business.
  • Ambition to climb the achievement ladder.
YOUR LEARNING EXPERIENCE Frameworks | Real-World Examples | Applications to Data Sets | Debrief of Learnings


Distinguish Your Organization With Data Science

A data science strategy can deliver significant competitive advantage. But to get there, you first need to understand where you are at — and the steps to evolve.

Deepen your understanding of your organization’s data science capabilities through the How to Become a Data Science Mature Organization certificate course. Learn how to develop and improve:

  • An organizational business strategy for data science.
  • Roles in the organization to support data science activities.
  • An environment for collaboration between the data science team(s) with business.
  • An organizational approach or methodology to data science.
  • A data awareness culture in the organization.
  • A data access framework for the organization.
  • A scaling strategy for data exploration, preparation, modeling, scoring and delpoyment.
  • A framework for integration of tools that are used within the organization for data science objectives.
  • A methodology to deploy data science products into production.

Exploit Data Science for better ROI

In this course, you will work to understand all the dimensions and levels by which business leaders and data science team members can assess where their enterprise is, identify where they would like to be, and consider how important each dimension is for the business and overall corporate strategy. Such an assessment is a step towards identifying architectures, tools, and practices that can help achieve identified data science goals.

Graduates of this program will be equipped to influence decision-making and strategy, and they will ultimately drive better business results by gaining the ability to transform data insights into impact. It is vital that organizations improve their data science capability in preparing to solve 21st-century business challenges and participants of this course will have exposure to innovative methodologies that support data-driven decision making in organizations.


Enrollment Information

The enrollment for the How to Become a Data Science Mature Organization class is on a rolling basis and you can start the journey at your own pace at any time in the year and we will be available to assist you achieve success.

What the Course Covers

The How to Become a Data Science Mature Organization course will enable participants to:

  • Benchmark your data science maturity.
  • Gain a strategic data science roadmap.
  • Measure and accelerate your data science progress.
  • Explain the core concepts, philosophies and methods of data science strategy.
  • Evaluate different case studies for the successful application of data science.
  • Develop a framework for data science project management within an organization.
  • Develop and manage high performance data science teams and systems.

Benefits to your organization:

Upon completion of the course, yow will be able to:

  • Establish a complete vision for data science excellence.
  • Identify and address hidden obstacles.
  • Understand your organization’s true data science state.
  • Avoid common data science team derailments.
  • Build support to implement a Digital Measurement Framework
  • Improve governance and create a Data Science Center of Excellence.
  • More thoughtfully prioritize data science and optimization initiatives.
  • Gain both internal and external qualitative feedback.
  • Increase the likelihood of action to attain competitive advantage.

Embedding Data Science in your business will allow:


  • Sales to sell profitable products to the right clients at the right time.
  • Operations to produce to demand. The right products, at the right time, at the right cost.
  • Finance to achieve targets and budgets and keeping costs under control.
  • Logistics to achieve high service delivery to clients, delivering the right products at the right time.
  • Fleet to achieve low cost of operations, with high availability and productivity.
  • Supply Chain to achieve maximum throughput, high velocity of inventory with the shortest cash conversion cycle, satisfying demand.


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