Payment for Participation

All participants recruited through our Recruitment System will be compensated for the time they spend participating in studies and experiments. Diffeent research projects pay different amounts depending on budget and type of research.

The most common thing is that you are paid by ewallet, bank transfer, but you can also receive payment in cash, or in the form of gift cards, draws, or some other form of payment. The form of payment is always clear from the description of the study.

Researchers who recruit outside our recruitment system choose for themselves how participants are compensated. 

In some studies, you will be paid an amount that depends on how you solve the assignment. The amount may therefore depend on both your own and others’ decisions. 

Payment to show up (show-up fee)

You will always receive a small compensation if you show up and are sent home due to too few or too many participants. You may find that the experiment is canceled if, for example, are other participants who do not show up and there are too few participants to complete the experiment. 

Payment Deadline

Please note that it takes between 2-6 weeks for you to participate in an experiment until you receive the money in your account . This is because there is an administrative processing time at Acalytica. Gift cards and the like are received when you show up for the experiment. If more than 6 weeks have passed, please contact us.