Occupational Health and Behavioral Safety Research and Advisory Services

Acalytica deploys multi-disciplinary teams of experts that provide innovative human behaviour research and advisory services. Most of our solutions are customised and draw on the latest best practice as informed by science, technology and evidence.

Our ability to engage with and solve current real-world challenges on a day-to-day basis makes us a business partner of choice – both locally and internationally.

Core competencies

  • Multi-modal data collection, analysis and reporting
  • Problem statement generation
  • Customizing solutions for business impact
  • Tech-savvy.
  • Diverse team
  • Unobtrusive human behaviour monitoring.
  • Automated proceses
  • Quick turn-around times.

Value proposition

Research and advisory services

The ability to provide business-to-business solutions across the full life cycle of services from project conceptualisation to delivery and capacity building using scientific evidence as basis is our strength. You can check out our previous work with a mining company with regards to their health and safety interventions. CLICK HERE.