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In a world full of complex challenges, the ability to think like a mathematician is increasingly valuable. Mathematicians possess a unique mindset characterised by analytical thinking, logical reasoning, and...

posted Apr 21 in Student Success by MathsGee (10 points) | 124 views

MathsGee, an innovative online educational platform, is excited to announce a call for tutors and mentors from around the globe to join its rapidly growing community. This initiative seeks to expand the range of...

posted Mar 26 in Student Success by MathsGee (10 points) | 667 views

The concept of "grit" emerges as a pivotal attribute for individual and organisational success. Coined and extensively researched by psychologist Angela Duckworth, grit is defined as the combination of passion and...

posted Mar 25 in Student Success by MathsGee (10 points) | 441 views

In recent years, the question of whether African universities are effectively preparing their students for success in an increasingly competitive and globalised workforce has gained prominence. As Africa continues to...

posted Mar 24 in Student Success by MathsGee (10 points) | 382 views

The quest to provide students with holistic support that addresses both their academic and financial needs is becoming increasingly crucial. Enter MathsGee, an innovative platform with a vision that is both noble and...

posted Mar 18 in Student Success by MathsGee (10 points) | 163 views

The rapid advancement of generative AI technologies, such as ChatGPT, has transformed the way we seek and receive information. Instant Q&A platforms have become a staple in the educational landscape, offering students...

posted Mar 17 in Student Success by MathsGee (10 points) | 316 views
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