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South Africa stands at a critical juncture in its energy sector, especially with Eskom facing significant challenges. Amidst this, an exciting opportunity has arisen for young South Africans to contribute positively...

posted May 4 in Green Energy Jobs by MathsGee (10 points)
edited May 6 by MathsGee | 147 views

The Education Support Forum (TEDSF) plays a significant role in equipping South African youth with the necessary skills for transitioning into green jobs,...

posted Apr 9 in Green Energy Jobs by MathsGee (10 points) | 261 views

While solar installers and wind turbine technicians remain pivotal to the deployment of renewable sources, the AI era requires a broader array of skill sets, emphasising the need for both high-skilled and low-skilled...

posted Apr 4 in Green Energy Jobs by MathsGee (10 points) | 284 views
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