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MobileGPT (Pty) Ltd, a pioneering company in chatbot technology, is excited to announce the launch of KaraboAI, a cutting-edge Chatbot as a Service (CAAS) platform. 

This innovative solution enables users to quickly create intelligent chatbots with various features and functionalities. KaraboAI is an evolution of MobileGPT, built by the same team that created the first-of-its-kind MobileGPT application released in March 2023, which was awarded the Govtech Digital Public Services Award in 2023 and the Hackernoon Startup of the Year for Johannesburg in 2023. 

Bertha Kgokong, the founder of MobileGPT, has been a prominent voice in the AI community, speaking at various AI events, including the AI Summit in 2023. "We travelled around the country talking to clients about MobileGPT, we listened to their needs, and the common thread across most engagements with clients was that - people wanted to create their own MobileGPT, their own smart intelligent AI chatbot for internal use, client support, etc. So we created exactly that, now everyone can create their own MobileGPT, in a way - because our chatbots can also be launched on WhatsApp."

KaraboAI distinguishes itself by offering a one-stop-shop for diverse chatbot services, including Quote Generation Chatbots, Appointment Chatbots, WooCommerce Sales Chatbots, Data Collection Bots, and Data Room. 

The platform also features seamless integration with Google Calendar, WhatsApp, and WooCommerce, as well as a WordPress plugin for easy management. 

KaraboAI invites you to create your own free chatbot on their website: https://karabo.ai KaraboAI's comprehensive features and user-friendly interface make it an ideal solution for businesses looking to enhance their operations and customer engagement. 

With future developments planned, including Shopify Sales Bots, Messenger Deployment, and Zapier integration, KaraboAI is poised to continue leading the industry in chatbot technology. 

For more information, please contact the MobileGPT communications team at platform@karabo.ai. 

About MobileGPT (Pty) Ltd 

Website: https://karabo.ai 

Demo Chatbots: https://karabo.ai/demo-knowledge-retrieval-chatbot/

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