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The "OMT Education Research Report 2023" provides a comprehensive overview of the challenges and opportunities within South Africa's education sector, focusing on Early Childhood Development (ECD), Basic Education, and Higher Education.

It outlines the methodologies used in the research, including extensive desktop research, surveys, and interviews with stakeholders across the education ecosystem. The report highlights critical issues such as inadequate funding, human resource constraints, and insufficient governmental coordination and monitoring in the ECD sector. It emphasises the importance of ECD as a foundation for lifelong learning and societal well-being, noting the significant return on investment ECD offers in terms of improved educational outcomes, reduced healthcare costs, and increased productivity.

For Basic Education, the report discusses the persistent inequality and poor performance of the majority of public schools that cater predominantly to black learners. It stresses the impact of this on university preparedness and the broader implications for societal inequality and economic stability. The report advocates for a multi-faceted approach to address these challenges, including increasing political will, improving funding, enhancing teacher training, and leveraging public employment programs for youth.

In Higher Education, the report notes challenges around funding, accessibility, and the need to align educational outcomes with the demands of the economy. It suggests strengthening research capabilities and fostering innovation as key strategies for improving the sector.

The report calls for systemic change across all levels of education, emphasising the role of philanthropy, government, and private sector collaboration in achieving these goals. It presents a vision for a more equitable and effective education system that can serve as a foundation for individual and societal advancement.

You can read the full report on https://www.omt.org.za/_files/ugd/f59ea3_266c476317bc40128766e3e28470e919.pdf

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