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The Education Support Forum (TEDSF) plays a significant role in equipping South African youth with the necessary skills for transitioning into green jobs, addressing the growing demand in sectors such as renewable energy. This initiative, reflecting a broader commitment to sustainable development and poverty eradication in Africa, emphasises the development of human capital by bridging the gap between various stakeholders.

TEDSF, through its Green Energy Workforce Development project, collaborates with partners like National Treasury (Jobs Fund), Sasol, MathsGee, Acalytica, Tribus Energy and Level-X, focusing on unemployed Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) graduates. This program is designed to empower the youth with renewable energy skills, enhancing their employability and entrepreneurship prospects. It targets addressing critical skills shortages within the renewable energy sector, thus fostering job creation and establishing a robust talent pool in this area. The project, benefiting from a blend of funding sources including the Jobs Fund and the Sasol Foundation, aims to transform young minds into pioneers of renewable energy through comprehensive training, learner-ship placements, and entrepreneurship support, particularly for those from disadvantaged backgrounds​.

TEDSF's mission encompasses working with partners to provide students (prospective employees and entrepreneurs) with the necessary tools to thrive in the workplace, thereby improving their employability and entrepreneurship capabilities. The organisation operates with a belief in the power of shared knowledge to increase the talent pool, reduce onboarding time, and contribute to business creation and entrepreneurship. Through its initiatives, TEDSF leverages Sustainable Development Goal 4 (SDG4) as a guiding vision, ensuring that educational content on its platform promotes sustainable lifestyles, cultural diversity, human rights, and gender equality. The impact of TEDSF's activities is measured continuously, utilising the Global Impact Investing Network's IRIS reporting metrics, superimposed onto SDG4 indicators, to assess the social, environmental, and financial performance of the organisation​.

For more detailed information about TEDSF's initiatives and their impact on youth and green jobs in South Africa, you can visit their official website: https://tedsf.org

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