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MobileGPT (Pty) Ltd, a pioneering company in chatbot technology, is excited to announce the launch of KaraboAI, a cutting-edge Chatbot as a Service (CAAS) platform. 

This innovative solution enables users to...

posted Jun 6 in Artificial Intelligence by MathsGee (10 points) | 34 views

In the dynamic world of startups and entrepreneurship, the journey from concept to market can be arduous. This path often requires not just a great idea but also robust support systems that facilitate growth through...

posted May 26 in EdTech Startups and Business by MathsGee (10 points) | 32 views

In today's fast-paced digital world, efficiency and productivity are not just buzzwords—they are essential components of success, whether you’re managing personal projects, running a small business, or heading a large...

posted May 10 in Digital Transformation by MathsGee (10 points) | 92 views

South Africa stands at a critical juncture in its energy sector, especially with Eskom facing significant challenges. Amidst this, an exciting opportunity has arisen for young South Africans to contribute positively...

posted May 4 in Green Energy Jobs by MathsGee (10 points)
edited May 6 by MathsGee | 147 views

In recent years, the intersection of venture capital (VC) investment and technological advancement has reshaped industries, revolutionised business models, and transformed economies. While this synergy has unlocked unprecedented...

posted Apr 23 in Policy and Leadership by MathsGee (10 points) | 200 views

Esayidi TVET College in the Southern KZN Region is a vital institution offering a wide range of courses across its campuses and skills centres. With a focus on providing learning opportunities and equipping individuals...

posted Apr 22 in Institutions by MathsGee (10 points) | 660 views

In today's academic landscape, the pursuit of success takes myriad forms, with students facing diverse challenges and opportunities. Recognising this multifaceted journey, specialised tutoring services have emerged as...

posted Apr 21 in Teaching and Learning by MathsGee (10 points) | 445 views

In the pursuit of problem-solving excellence, one fundamental step often overlooked is the identification of the problem itself. While George Polya's problem-solving framework is undeniably valuable, it is essential to...

posted Apr 21 in EdTech Startups and Business by MathsGee (10 points) | 425 views

In a world full of complex challenges, the ability to think like a mathematician is increasingly valuable. Mathematicians possess a unique mindset characterised by analytical thinking, logical reasoning, and...

posted Apr 21 in Student Success by MathsGee (10 points) | 124 views

In an ambitious move to tackle pressing educational challenges in South Africa, Injini, Africa's leading EdTech Accelerator and Think Tank, in...

posted Apr 15 in EdTech Startups and Business by MathsGee (10 points) | 351 views

The Vision and Reality

Three and a half decades since its inception, the World Wide Web, as conceptualised by Tim Berners-Lee, was intended to be a platform for open collaboration, creativity, and...

posted Apr 12 in Digital Transformation by MathsGee (10 points) | 227 views

The quest for Product-Market Fit (PMF) is pivotal for startups. PMF not only signals alignment between a product and its target market but also serves as a strong predictor of long-term viability. Drawing from Sequoia...

posted Apr 11 in EdTech Startups and Business by MathsGee (10 points) | 489 views

The "OMT Education Research Report 2023" provides a comprehensive overview of the challenges and opportunities within South Africa's education sector, focusing on Early Childhood Development (ECD), Basic Education, and...

posted Apr 10 in Policy and Leadership by MathsGee (10 points) | 310 views

The Education Support Forum (TEDSF) plays a significant role in equipping South African youth with the necessary skills for transitioning into green jobs,...

posted Apr 9 in Green Energy Jobs by MathsGee (10 points) | 261 views

The introduction of AIOS (LLM Agent Operating System) marks a significant evolution in the realm of computing, especially in how we interact with and develop for operating systems. AIOS fundamentally reimagines the...

posted Apr 8 in Artificial Intelligence by MathsGee (10 points) | 165 views

Known for its unique presentation style that moves away from traditional slide-by-slide formats to a more dynamic and interactive canvas, Prezi has garnered attention in educational circles for its potential to enhance...

posted Apr 7 in EdTech Startups and Business by MathsGee (10 points) | 152 views

At MathsGee, we're passionate about creating a vibrant community where learning and support go hand in hand. Today, we're excited to announce a new way for our community to thrive together: the "Support Me" feature,...

posted Apr 6 in EdTech Startups and Business by MathsGee (10 points) | 522 views

While solar installers and wind turbine technicians remain pivotal to the deployment of renewable sources, the AI era requires a broader array of skill sets, emphasising the need for both high-skilled and low-skilled...

posted Apr 4 in Green Energy Jobs by MathsGee (10 points) | 284 views

As schools strive to adapt to evolving educational landscapes, the integration of Educational Technology (EdTech) plays a pivotal role in advancing their analytical capabilities. This article explores how EdTech solutions...

posted Apr 4 in Data and Analytics by MathsGee (10 points) | 372 views

South Africa stands at the forefront of digital transformation, with a rapidly expanding internet user base and a growing preference for mobile-centric experiences. As the digital population continues to surge, tech...

posted Apr 3 in EdTech Startups and Business by MathsGee (10 points) | 292 views

The introduction of the EU's Digital Markets Act (DMA) represents a pivotal shift in the digital ecosystem, aiming to foster competition and ensure fairness in the mobile app industry. Specifically, it challenges the...

posted Apr 3 in EdTech Startups and Business by MathsGee (10 points) | 284 views

As we venture deeper into the 21st century, the landscape of education continues to evolve at an unprecedented pace. The latest trends in Educational Technology (EdTech) for 2024 herald a new era of innovation, blending...

posted Mar 30 in Digital Transformation by MathsGee (10 points) | 343 views

Embedded finance—a model where financial services are integrated into non-financial platforms and apps—is emerging as a potent mechanism to enhance financial inclusion in the higher education...

posted Mar 29 in Digital Transformation by MathsGee (10 points) | 708 views

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