Multi-Use Lab

This kind of lab requires the setup of multiple computers that are used for both teaching and research purposes.

A lab like this has either a dedicated research director or lab manager to facilitate the setup, train the staff, and even administer experiments. In the past, this type of mega lab would reside only on well-funded departments or campuses.

However, in the recent past driven by lower cost of equipment and increasing interest in biosensors more and more big lab facilities are being built. Because it actually is a pseudo-classroom, it may also be used in class settings for some advanced neuroscience courses. Students from these courses can also use the space for actual research.

Usually, there is a multiple sensor setup and you would have someone dedicated to managing it, as well as someone dedicated to consultation and education. Often these labs were previously used as survey rooms.

However, the traditional survey methods have not been abandoned – they are augmented or are used to augment new data collection methods. Hardware or any other consumables that are available at each desk can be stored in the desk’s own storage or drawer.

This way, the lab can serve multiple purposes: one day it can be used for traditional survey research, another day it can be used for biosensor-based research. A setup like this involves a significant amount of money since all the equipment needs to be purchased in a bulk.