Multi-Modal Learning Analytics

Insights from learning data

What is Learning Analytics?

Learning analytics can be defined as “the collection, analysis and reporting of data about learners in their context, for purposes of understanding and optimizing learning and the environment in which it occurs” (Siemens et. Al).

Past research relied to a large extent on students’ self-reports of how they learn in self-study, the evolution of e-learning and the possibility of tracking online behaviour offers new ways of measuring actual self-study activities.

By recording a learner’s online traces in educational materials and analysing the data, learning and teaching can be improved.

EEG acalytica

Multi-Modal Learning Analytics

The proliferation of sensors has presented the learning community with new ways of measuring learning beyond completion data from learning management systems.

Multi-modal learning analytics provide evidence of learning from multiple sources and aggregates them in a coherent way to give holistic predictive and prescriptive power to institutions and teachers.

We can help you know your learners with

Gamification Analytics

Exploring emotional reactions to educational gamification with facial expression analysis

VR Analytics

Testing the impact of VR on the learning experience with EEG

Emotion Analytics

Investigating how student emotions shape learning

Retention Analytics

Looking at how reading shapes retention with eye tracking

xAPI Integration

Integrate xAPI data from the LMS and other sources with biosensor data.

LRS Integration

We help you setup and integrate your LRS with your LMS and BI solutions.

Data Audit

We help you know where you are in the learning data lifecycle and help you move up.


We help you report learning analytics insights to all stakeholders.