Sustainable Business Growth Using The Optimised Operating Model (OOM)

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About Course

This course aims to help visionary business owners and leaders in their quest to sustainably grow their businesses. Given the challenges and opportunities faced by business owners, a renewed approach to growth is required. It is imperative that leaders find a way to provide the economic growth and prosperity our societies need, without pushing our planet beyond its environmental limits.


Based on Jonathan Oppenheimer’s Optimised Operating Model (OOM) manifesto, this course challenges and guides business leaders to thrive.


According to Jonathan, OOM is intended to be a simple and descriptive (memorable) name for what he hopes is a transformative way of thinking about a business. The course is not a mere checklist or step-by-step guide, but, it acts as a catalyst to inspire your own understanding and encourage independent thought.


This course is designed to be self-paced, allowing participants to reflect deeply on each module and apply the learnings to their unique business contexts. By the end of the course, leaders will be equipped with the knowledge and tools to effectively integrate the Optimised Operating Model into their businesses, ensuring sustainable growth and a positive impact on society and the environment.


NB: This course was created using Jonathan Oppenheimer’s model. He knows about the course but has not necessarily endorsed the project. It is the author’s initiative to share the wisdom with the other entrepreneurs. 


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What Will You Learn?

  • How companies are engines for sustainable growth
  • The core principles of OOM
  • The five tools of OOM
  • Case studies where OOM was applied

Course Content


  • The Optimised Operating Model (OOM) Manifesto
  • Manifesto
  • An Overview Of The 3 Principles Of OOM
  • OOM Principles Overview
  • An Overview Of The 5 Tools Of OOM
  • OOM Tools Overview

Sustainable Growth

Core Principles of OOM

The Five Tools of OOM

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