How to set up a lab

Step 1. Set your research question

Before you begin, it’s of course crucial to know what you want to test, and how you want to test it. For human behavior research, the flexibility and portability of the tools allows investigations to be centered around a huge amount of subjects – from neuropsychological testing, to market research, group interaction, and beyond.

Often with human behaviour research, the only limit is the tools at your disposal – underlining the importance of creating a large experimental space. Once you have your research question, you can begin to design the experiment in proper detail . The next step follows on from this.

Step 2. Know your equipment

From your research question, you should know what needs to be tested, Acalytica helps you in defining the required equipment .

For instance, if you want to test brain activity, then EEG will suit you best, while emotional response is best covered by facial expression analysis. Tests of physiological arousal are closely tracked by GSR, or ECG devices. There are more possibilities than this, and precisely how you measure things will depend on your exact research question.

Step 3. Collaborate!

Strength lies in numbers – by forming connections and collaborations with Acalytica and other organisations , you will be able to strengthen both the design and execution of your research. Having multiple people contributing ideas, knowledge, and possibly even equipment, means that you’re more likely to complete your research goals.

Having multiple experts in a particular metric (EEG, for example), means that dealing with the details and troubleshooting is more likely to completed successfully. But above all, one thing that strong collaboration helps the most with is the next step.

Step 4. Secure funding

If you are an academic researcher then this is perhaps the most important and difficult step of the process, yet one that requires each of the prior actions, at least to some degree. Commercial organisations usually have a budget for research and development or market research but it will take a lot of motivation as why you would want to take the behavioural research lab route thus it securing funding is the most important step for everyone.

By applying with collaborators, you increase the chances of funding success.

With a clear research question, properly defined equipment needs, a strong collaboration, and a persevering approach to funding, you’re on the right path to setting up your very own behavioral investigations lab. Now you just need to think of a name for it, before taking on the most enjoyable step of all.

Step 5. Begin research

With the funding secured, your collaborators happy, and experiments planned, the only thing left to do is to make the most of it and carry out your ground-breaking research. Publishing and continued collaboration will empower you to expand ever more.

Feeling ready to get going with your human behaviour research?

Acalytica helps you set up your lab and is there for you at every step of the process.

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