Understand gaming experiences better

We help you

  • Measure human experiences in gaming and VR.

  • Understand the implicit emotional engagement in gaming.
  • Measure immersion, presence and flow.
  • Understand what makes a game enjoyable.
  • collect and record behavior and emotions on e.g. strong feelings of physical existence in the game, feelings of mastery and absorption while completing a task, and the level an individual blocks out external stimuli. 

Possible Use Cases

  • Measure human response in simulations or VR environments.
  • Prepare for optimized performance in the field.
  • Validate enjoyment and game immersion in real-life player scenarios.
  • Identify areas of visual attention with screen-based or integrated VR eye tracking.
  • Evaluate stress, cognitive workload, engagement, and emotional arousal automatically during events.
  • Optimize player enjoyment and performance.