Doing your MBA and are struggling with quantitative data analysis? Do not worry anymore. Acalytica has many years of experience helping MBA students thrive during the trying time of their research. We have helped lots of students at Wits Business School, GIBS, UCT and Stellenbosch. Our best work has helped students graduate with Cum Laude.

We can help you with your quantitative/statistical data analysis. Contact us for a quick evaluation of your research and you will be on your way to success.

The data analysis journey is not linear and can be frustrating, our promise to you is that we will hold your hand through the journey. Our journey with you includes:

  • Survey/Data validation against research problem or hypotheses.
  • Study design and methodology.
  • Data Analysis and interpretation.
  • Help with write-up and corrections.

We believe in giving you the best experience at a time that is difficult for most students. We don’t see ourselves as data analysts but partners for your success.

We have a set fee of R7 000. You pay 50% at the start of the project and 50% on completion.

Hire us today and guarantee your success with the MBA dissertation. Justsend  your research questions/hypotheses and your data and we can do a quick initial  assessment.