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    Gain specialized knowledge at an accelerated pace. Advance your career with the Applied Business Analytics for Managers in Retail certificate at the time and place that fits your needs.

    Gain a complete view of your business and customers. Create assortments based on customer preferences. Invoke the most relevant engagement strategy for each customer. Optimize supply chain and retail operations at every step of the customer journey.

    Course Applied Business Analytics for Managers in Retail
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    Award Type Acalytica Certificate
    Program Fees US$99.99
    Course Duration 3 months, Online, 6 – 8 hours per week
    Entrance Criteria
    • A basic business acumen.
    • A desire to learn business analytics for retail.
    • A desire to increase sales and consumer engagement.
    • Ambition to climb the achievement ladder.
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    Distinguish Your Career With Higher Sales

    Deepen your understanding of the role of data in consumer decision making through the Applied Business Analytics for Managers in Retail certificate course. Learn how to:

    • Put knowledge into action to drive higher sales.
    • Use advanced analytics for better response.
    • Tailor consumer shopping experiences.
    • Integrate business functions to create efficiencies.

    Synthesize Data to Make Better Decisions

    Applied Business Analytics for Managers in Retail is the intersection of business and data science, offering new opportunities for a competitive advantage. It unlocks the predictive potential of data analysis to improve financial performance, strategic management, and operational efficiency. Graduates of this program will be equipped to influence decision-making and strategy, and they will ultimately drive better business results by gaining the ability to transform data into a powerful and predictive strategic asset. Applied business analytics is critical in preparing organizations to solve 21st-century business challenges and participants of this course will have exposure to innovative methodologies that support data-driven decision making in retail.  

    Enrollment Information

    The enrollment for the Applied Business Analytics for Managers in Retail class is on a rolling basis and you can start the journey at your own pace at any time in the year and we will be available to assist you achieve success.

    What the Course Covers

    The Applied Business Analytics for Managers in Retail course will enable students to:

    • Explain the core concepts, philosophies and methods of retail business analytics.
    • Evaluate different case studies for the successful application of retail business analytics.
    • Develop a framework for retail business analytics project management within an organization.
    • Develop and manage high performance retail business analytics teams and systems.

    How will your company benefit?

    The material covered in this course will enable to help your company with:

    • Reducing churn and an increase in customer profitability by using customer intelligence capabilities to derive insights from real-time loyalty data.
    • Implementing of demand-driven supply chains using predictive analytics with embedded AI to forecast future sales and calculate efficient inventory policies to optimize stock levels – and keep customer service levels high.
    • Improving of top-line sales and margins using analytics to optimize both regular and promotional pricing strategies.
    • Reducing in inventory and increase sales by better managing product categories and ranges across hundreds of thousands of SKUs, down to the individual store level.
    • Gaining faster, deeper customer insights, identifying and understanding customers at each stage of their path to purchase, so you can provide more relevant, consistent shopping experiences.
    • Ensuring that the right mix of products is available at the right locations for your customers.
    • Supporting unified commerce and ensure a consistent, optimized customer experience across the entire retail operation.
    • Adopting analytical merchandising, intelligent marketing and an integrated data strategy.
    • Improving top-line sales and boost margins by optimizing promotional and markdown pricing strategies.
    • Offering the best-fit sizes and customer-centric assortments tailored to specific trade areas.
    • Improving top-line sales and margins through optimized life cycle pricing.
    • Enabling collaborative development of financial and assortment plans – pre-season and in-season – to manage open-to-buy.

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