What is The Township and Rural Entrepreneurship Programme (TREP) all about?

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The Township and Rural Entrepreneurship Programme (TREP) is a program that helps people who live in townships or rural areas start their own businesses. The program provides support and resources to help these entrepreneurs succeed.

This includes things like

  • training,
  • help with product development and
  • access to funding.

To participate, entrepreneurs from townships or rural areas can apply for support and funding through the:

  • Small Enterprise Development Agency (Seda),
  • Small Enterprise Finance Agency (sefa),
  • National Empowerment Fund (NEF) and
  • National Youth Development Agency (NYDA).

The program is run by the Department of Small Business Development (DSBD), Seda and sefa. They have different schemes available for different types of businesses, like bakeries, auto body repair shops, clothing stores, and more.

To apply, you can register on https://smmesa.gov.za/ and complete the information required. You will then receive an email with your unique smmesa.gov.za reference number.

The application form is available at https://www.eservices.gov.za. You can also apply by emailing trep@sefa.org.za if you have difficulties with the portal.

source: http://www.dsbd.gov.za/programme/township-and-rural-entrepreneurship-programme





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