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Acalytica’s Edzai Zvobwo speaks about multi-modal learning analytics on KayaFm

“People have to know the wonderful possiblities that have arisen as a result of technological advancement”, said Edzai Zvobwo as he spoke about the use of sensors as part of a holistic multi-modal learning analytics offering.

We can now establish ground truth when it comes to response-based surveys and studies. Beyond the clickstreams and verbal feedback, researchers can now use repondents’ heart rate, sweating, brainwaves, eye movements, pupil dilations, body temperature and other vitals to establish the truth.

The quest for the truth is what has led humanity to develop into an innovative species that has conquered its environment. This thirst for truth cannot be quenched thus we continue to develop methods to understand ourselves and how we think, learn and adapt to our environments or worse still make our environment adapt to us.

Learning analytics, a very close cousin of educational data mining, depending on who you ask, is going through seismic changes which have been made possible by the advent of IoT. Now sensors can talk to each other and the data they generate is fused with other data to give a more holistic picture of the learning process.

Join Edzai Zvobwo, CEO of Acalytica as he speaks to Thabiso Sikwane, David O’Sullivan and Jason Goliath on the Kaya FM Breakfast show.

Station: Kaya FM

Show: Kaya FM Breakfast Show

Discussion Topic: How new modes of learning merges with cognitive abilities within the realm of human emotions.

Date: 12 November 2019

Time: 08:45




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