Trade associations are under pressure to provide worthwhile value for their members to justify their existence. Research based industry insights are at the centre of value provided by the associations thus it is a no-brainer for them to focus on ramping up their research capabilities.

After extensive analysis, Acalytica, a human behaviour research company based in Johannesburg, has carved a niche service offering for South African trade associations. They have become the preferred  research partner to help associations deliver value to their members.

All trades have something in common. People are the common denominator in all industries thus it is worthwhile to understand how these actors REALLY behave in order to offer products and services that solve real problems.

Many organisations make decisions based on untested assumptions due to lack of time, talent and/or tools. In this age of accelerated technological change and the emergence od AI and IoT, it is vital to leverage these developments and fully understand the people, whether they be employees or customers, using multi-modal data.

Acalytica is helping trade associations achieve digital transformation of their market research endeavours by facilitating for the access to technology, adoption of new methods of data collection and analysis.

Acalytica promises to help clients unearth human behaviour truth through:

  • Assumptions and hypotheses testing.
  • Multi-modal data collection, analytics consulting and training services.
  • Research lab installation and leasing.
  • Online video pre-testing platform.

This offering is timely given the changing landscape of market research that has seen value shift across the industry.

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