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About us

We are a team of professional consultants, using the latest insights and tools from affective computingand behavioural science to design solutions for customer, employee and citizen engagement.

We advise governments, corporations and non-profits using AI-driven behaviour analytics and strategies to better understand their customer.

We are convinced that understanding,
interpreting and shaping what drives
human behaviour is at the centre of success.

Leaders in multi-modal analytics

Leading experts

Acalytica is a leading multi-modal analytics firm that uses cutting edge AI-driven human behaviour analytics software and hardware to help you understand your customer beyond the traditional means.

Measure biosensor data and integrate it with your favourite tools for reporting.

The Acalytica team is an agile partner that works with you in an iterative and flexible way at any or every phase in your research. Our team consists of experts on every aspect of eye tracking research, who have experience in a variety of complementary methodologies as well. We work with businesses of all shapes and sizes all over the world to provide actionable insights into the most critical business questions.

The Acalytica Insight Journey


We exist to help you understand your customer better.We use our experience and the latest tools to unlock human behaviour secrets so as to give you a holistic view of your customer.


Your needs drive our approach, and we begin by working closely with you to explore how our team and research methodology can help you answer your business questions. Together, we decide on the objective, the scope of the study, and develop a plan that will result in data that provides the insights you need to be successful. We help you determine the most appropriate experimental design and tools to be used to execute the project. 

Actionable Insights

We produce an expert analysis of the behavioral data collected in the study and deliver it in a report that includes visualizations and videos, all in a format you can easily share with stakeholders. You will also receive a list of action points and recommendations on how you can apply the findings in your business and for future areas of investigation. 

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